365 Days of Great Sex

365 Days of Great Sex



When the sex is good, it is only worth about 10% of the relationship... but when the sex is bad it seems to cause 90% of the problems......




Busy lives, hectic schedules, so many demands on our time and resources have resulted in couples really not being as close as they once were. This has disastrous results in the bedroom. This can even be seen as a contributor to the high divorce rate prevalent in the world today. So many demands have sapped all the creative energy from us and then when we finally lay down, we often just do not have the energy left to dedicate to ourselves and our partner. Never fear, help is on the way. 365DaysofGreat Sex will deliver fresh creative ideas to your email everyday. Getting started is easy.


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Dr. Rosana Scearce has been working in the field of couples counseling and therapy for the past 30 years. A graduate of Auburn University with a PhD in counseling, Dr. Scearce has helped thousands of couples resolve their sexual problems. From this experience and her research into sex practices and techniques around the globe, Dr. Scearce has developed a unique base of knowledge and experience. Her philosophy about sex is that as long as the partners are in agreement, the sexual experience is acceptable. She feels that the malaise of today’s marriages and relationships is monotony and boredom. By writing these suggestions, Dr. Scearce hopes to enlighten couples with new sexual ideas and practices in hopes that these will awaken and add sparkle to a flagging relationship.

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